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Sprint Duathlon Info

Due to a mechanical failure in the Chugiak H.S. pool the Sprint Triathlon has to be switched to a Duathlon. We are just as bummed as you, but it is our mission to still host an event regardless of the current circumstances. To make it kind of a unique experience we will be sending racers off by AG so you know who you have to beat to win your AG. M/F/NB will start together in the appropriate age group.

  • Sprint Duathlon Sunday, June 4th 2023

    • 13 yrs & up

    • Individuals

    • Teams: Female, Male and Mixed

    • Transition set up starts at 6am

    • First wave starts at 8am.

    • Full details below:


Race age: Age is based on age you will be on December 31st of the race year per USAT rules (i.e. for the 2023 race it will be the age you are on on 12/31/2023).


  • Top 3 Overall M/F

  • 1st Place Age Group AwardsM/F/NB: (13-14,15-19,20-24,25-29,30-34,35-39,40-44,45-49,50-54,55-59,60-64,65-69,70+) Awards ceremony will be shortly after the last racer finishes.

Teams: A team may consist of two or three people. For two-person teams one person will compete in two of the three legs of the race. These legs do not need to be back-to-back (for example team member 1 may do Run 1 and Run 2, and team member 2 may do the bike).

Bib Pick Up:

  • May 30th @ Chain Reaction Cycles 5:30-7pm

  • June 1st @ Trek Store of Anchorage 5:30-7pm

  • June 3rd @ Chugiak H.S 2-3pm (Race day bib pick up for out-of-town racers only)



The Eagle River Duathlon is a sprint distance event on a stunning course in Chugiak, Alaska just 20 miles north of Anchorage. Known for its spectacular views, and fun, yet challenging bike course, the Eagle River Tri course is a favorite among racers in Alaska. 


Run #1 1.1 miles. (UPDATED)

The first run will be a trail run on the Christy Loop Ski trials just behind the practice field northeast of Chugiak H.S. The start will be just past the practice field gate on the northeast side. Look for the start flags. MAP HERE

Key run details:

  • The start will be wave starts every two minutes by age group as follows:

    • 60+ & Teams 8:00am

    • 13-14 8:02am

    • 15-19 8:04am

    • 20-24 8:06am

    • 25-29 8:08am

    • 30-34 8:10am

    • 35-39 8:12am

    • 40-44 8:14am

    • 45-49 8:16am

    • 50-54 8:18am

    • 55-59 8:20am

  • Timing chips: ankle straps will be assigned at the volunteer/check in tent between 6:00 -7:30am. Place the strap on you left ankle. DO NOT take off your ankle strap chip until you cross the finish line. These are not disposable chips and must be removed at the finish line and placed in the chip bucket. Find Yoda.

BIKE – 12.4 miles

The bike course consists of two out-and-back sections. Bikers exit out of the north end of the transition area and turn left (west) out of the transition area and up a short ramp to take a sharp right (north) onto S Birchwood Loop Road. Racers continue to the first turnaround at the corner of Old Cranberry Drive & K-L Lane. There will be a cone and volunteer marking the turnaround. Returning back on this same stretch of road, bikers go past Chugiak High School and turn right onto Hillcrest Drive, directly across from the south entrance into Chugiak HS. Racers will then continue through this second out-and-back section of the course which winds through various streets. Following the signs and volunteers, racers then turn at the second turnaround located at North Eagle River Road and ride this same stretch of the course back to the high school. Upon returning to the school, cyclists will cross S Birchwood Loop Road and enter the school grounds through the south entrance and follow flagging to the right back into transition area to change to run.
 This is a hot corner (that's tri lingo for "very busy") so please cross with care. Racers must slow down entering the high school and down the final stretch to the transition area.


Key bike details:

  • Bike drop off begins race morning at 6:00 a.m. There is no drop off prior to that time or the day before.

  • All participants must wear an undamaged and unaltered helmet, which meets or exceeds the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and which is clearly labeled by the manufacturer as satisfying such standards.

  • Helmets must be worn whenever on the bike including when transporting bike to and from your vehicle from the event area. 

  • The chin-strap must be fastened at all times.

  • You are responsible for knowing the bike course. Any potentially confusing intersections will be marked with traffic cones and signage.

  • Stay as far to the right as possible and practical. The bike course takes place on an open road. 

  • Obey all traffic laws! This is not a closed course. You will be sharing the road with traffic. Pay attention!

  • Obey all directions of volunteers and traffic officials. 

  • No drafting. You must stay at least 7 meters (or 3 bike lengths) behind the bike in front of you. 

  • You must not attempt to pass another cyclist unless adequate space is available and you are confident of your ability to pass the other cyclist. All passing is to be done to the left of the cyclist being overtaken. Be aware of vehicle traffic. 

  • Absolutely no riding two abreast.

  • You are solely responsible for ensuring your bike is in safe mechanical condition.

  • Do not get on your bike in the transition area. Walk/run your bike through the transition area to the “mount” line before getting on your bike.

  • When returning back to the transition area, get off of your bike at the “dismount” line before entering the transition area. 

  • There are no water stations along the bike course.

  • There is restroom location at each of the bike turnarounds. 


View Bike Course Map

Bike Map Profile

RUN #2 – 3.1 miles

The second run is a longer single out-and-back on the same run course. Runners exit the south entrance of the parking lot and head east towards the Glenn Highway on the bike path. Proceeding through the underpass, runners then turn left (north) onto the paved trail adjacent to the highway. Runners will continue on the paved trail to the turnaround and then head back on the same route to the finish line. As you enter the parking lot you will take a hard right and make a 180 degree turn to run behind the school. The finish line will be on the back side of the school over by the track.

  • Obey all directions of volunteers and traffic officials. 

  • You are responsible for knowing the run course. Any potentially confusing intersections will be marked with traffic cones and signage.

  • Wear your bib in the front. Make sure your bib number is visible to the front when you cross the finish line. 

  • There is a water station at the run turnaround and finish line. 

  • There are no restrooms on the run course.

  • The timing chips are not disposable chips and must be left at the finish line and placed in the chip bucket. A volunteer will assist you in taking your timing chip off.

  • Once you complete your race hang out and enjoy some snacks on us!

View Run Course Map


Racers will use the same transition area for both T1 (from swim to bike) and T2 (from bike to run). All racers will have an assigned slot in the transition area.


  • Transition slots for the top 30 and teams are numbered according to bib numbers. Racer (or team) has an assigned slot.

  • T1 and T2 are the same “active” transition areas. 

  • Transition set-up/bike drop-off begins race morning at 6:00 a.m. Unfortunatly due to the change from a Triathlon to a Duathlon all racers must be set up by 7:45am.  Parking will be limted so please car pool!

  • Please stay alert at all times while in the transition area as it will be active with racers coming in and out. Once you complete your race, please use the designated exits for removing gear to prevent accidents with active racers in transition. 

  • Only racers are allowed in the transition area. 

  • You are responsible for providing your own bike stand for your transition slot. Stay within your own space and do not intrude on others space.

  • You must use a bike stand. Kickstands are not allowed in transition, they are not reliable and can cause other bikes to fall (think dominoes). 

  • Bikes are NOT allowed to be laid down or positioned upside down.

  • Solo racers must return their bike to their designated slot before starting the run. 

  • Please do not loiter in the transition area. Racers are only permitted in the area while setting-up or removing their gear, or while racing. 

  • Once your race is complete we ask that you remove your items as soon as possible and return them to your vehicle to minimize the number of racers in the transition area. Racers are asked to depart the event as soon as reasonably possible following the completion of their race.

View Transition Area Map


USAT Rules & Sanctioning


This is a USA Triathlon (USAT) sanctioned event. All USAT rules apply. Participation in a USAT sanctioned event means the event director has the proper permits in place, liability and athlete excess medical insurance coverage and the event plan has met the standard of organization required. USA Triathlon provides rules, guidance and governance to set the standard for safe and fair multi-sport races. 


For more information on USA Triathlon, race rules, and FAQs visit the USAT website at


It is every racer’s responsibility to know the rules, but we like to point out some key USAT rules and other things to remember:

  • No transferring bib numbers to another participant.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times while on your bike. This means before, during, and after the event (including when transporting bike to and from your vehicle.). Chinstraps must be fastened while on your bike.

  • All bicycle bar ends must be solidly plugged.

  • Drafting on the bike is not permitted. Keep at least three bike lengths of clear space between you and the cyclist in front. If you move into the zone, you must pass within 15 seconds. 

  • Adult participants (13 and over) shall not accept assistance of any kind (such as food, drink, equipment, pacing or bike handling) from any person except a race official. 

  • Adult participants must display their race number at all times. Racers are responsible for making sure the timers are aware of their number. Solo racers have different colored numbers than teams.

  • All personal equipment and belongings taken out onto the course must stay on the athlete the entire time

  • It is your responsibility to know the course and transition areas.

  • No headphones allowed while racing.

Race Rules


The event is timed by Fall Line Fitness Timing. 



We welcome spectators at the event. Please leave your dog friends at home. We know they are great cheerleaders, but a loose dog can quickly turn a racer's day south. 


Official race bib transfer policy: No participant may transfer his/her entry slot/bib number to another individual. If an individual is found to have raced under someone else's name or bib number, that person, and the originally assigned racer will be disqualified and risk being banned from future Eagle River Triathlon events. 


Name changes will be available for Teams at a charge of $10.00/person/change. There will be no name changes made on race day.

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