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2020 RATES











Space is limited: We recommend registering early – this event sells out.

Sprint/Adult Tri: Max 500 racers (including teams)

Kid’s Tri: Max 225 racers


USAT Membership: A USAT membership or one-day license is required to race. USAT membership will be verified in the online registration platform. Registrants will be asked to supply their USAT number, purchase a one-day license, or renew/purchase a full USAT membership. Visit the USAT website to learn more. 

Race Ages

  • Adult Individuals: 12 yrs old & up

  • Teams: 12 yrs old & up

  • Kids Tri: 6-12 yrs old


Note: Age is based on age you will be on December 31st of the race year per USAT rules (i.e. for the 2020 race it will be the age you are on on 12/31/2020). For 12 year olds it is key to know that you may only be 11 years old on race day in June, but have a birthday in September where you turn 12; this makes the racer 12 years old on December 31st, which would make the racer eligible to compete in the kid's or individual sprint or team events.


Discounts: Current Alaska Tri Club Members receive a $5 discount off of individual race fees (discount does not apply to teams or kids). Alaska Tri Club membership will be verified prior to bib pick-up. Visit the Alaska Triathlon Club website to learn more and join. 


Onsite Registration: In-person registration will be available for the kid's event at bib pick-ups and on race day. Space is limited and we highly recommend registering early. On the off-chance there are still slots available for the adult/sprint tri, in-person registrations will be accepted at the pre-race bib pick-ups. There will be NO race day registration except for the Kids Tri. 

Early Bib Number Purchase - $25


Why should you pay for an Early Bib Number?

Do you want to race earlier in the day? Purchasing One of the 25 available early bib slots and your race start will be right after the seeded racers and the teams.


How are bibs assigned?

  • The top 24 (12 each for women and men) are seeded by prior year’s results first, and then with top finishers from other recent ERT races or at the race director’s discretion

  • The next bib numbers (approximately 12) are not seeded but are also selected by previous years' results in the event that any of the top 12 do not show. This allows us to quickly pull from the next few in line should we need too.

  • Teams go next - approximately 15 individuals racing on teams.

  • The next are assigned by those who paid for an early bib number.

  • The remaining bibs are assigned in order of registration. Another great reason to register early!





Planning and developing an athletic event that ensures adequate support and supplies for participants is difficult. We rely on the registration information to provide us with an accurate participant count. Because this is vital to the success of our events, there will be no refunds once a registration has been processed.

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