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Registration closes May 30th @ 11:59pm

On Deck Times: Your on deck time is based off your bib number. Please remain in the main lobby until your on deck time or you are called to come into the pool. We do need all athlete inside the school before the start of the race to ensure the course is clear.

Assigned Bib Numbers HERE

  • 1 – 50 11:45am

  • 50 - 100 12:15pm

  • 100 - 150 12:30pm

  • Kids Triathlon Saturday, June 1st 2024​​

    • Cost $25 (Jan-May 27th)

    • limited to 150 racers or when reg closes May 27th.

    • 6-12 yrs old, individual only

    • 10:30am - 11:50am transition set up.

    • Race starts at 12:00pm.

    • Youth State Series Event Schedule


Bib Pick Up 

  • May 28th @ Trek store of Anchorage 5:30 -7pm

    • 530 East Benson Boulevard, STE 9C
      Anchorage AK, 99503.​

  • May 30th @ Healthwise Care Center 5:30-7pm

    • 11421 Old Glenn Hwy Ste 101, Eagle River, AK 99577

  • Race day starting at 10:30am.

Race age: Age is based on age you will be on December 31st of the race year per USAT rules (i.e. for the 2024 race it will be the age you are on on 12/31/2024).

Awards ceremony will be as soon as possible following the finish of the last racer.

  • Top 3 Overall M/F

  • 1st Place Age Group Awards: (6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12 M/F top 3 removed from AG)



The Eagle River Kids race is a fantastic way to get your young athlete into the adventure that is multi-sport! We really want to make the kids race something special, so the kiddos have their very own day/race.

The race is sanctioned as competitive so it will be timed but make no mistake, fun is what it's all about! Why timed you ask? Everyone likes seeing a time for their effort, be it for personal improvement or seeing how you did compared to the rest of the field. Kids are no exception to that rule just ask the timer how many "what was my time" questions they get after each kid's race. We hope that by offering the full experience of a "competitive" event the kids will feel like their race was the main event and not just an add on. After all, these events are very important to the developing athlete, and they deserve the full attention. 


We decided to simplify the swim to just 50 yards (1 lap) for all age groups. This helps keep the logistics easy to understand and simple to execute. So the flow is 1/2/1. One lap on the swim. 2 laps on the bike. 1 lap on the run.



Swim - Split lane 50 yards (1 lap).


Key Swim details:

  •  Start/staging: The swim takes place in the Chugiak H.S pool. When you enter through the main doors on the north side of the building you will come to a body marking station. If you did not put on your race number tattoos you will need to get body marked before entering the locker room or pool. Only one adult allowed on the pool deck per athlete/family. Parents we ask that you help get your kiddo their lifevest if they need one or lined up for their swim test then take a seat on the on-deck bleachers. The on-deck parent may exit out the north emergency exit just behind the pool deck bleacher when their racer finishes their swim. 

  • Swim Test: Any swimmers NOT wearing a life jacket will need to do a swim test monitored by a lifeguard. The lifeguards are in charge of safety within the pool area; if they tell a racer to wear a life jacket it is not a negotiation. Safety is priority one and it's important that everyone helps make this event safe and fun.

  • Live Jacket: As stated above life jackets are allowed. We highly recommend bringing your own if you know your athlete will need one. The pool has a limited supply. 

  • Timing Chips: ankle straps will be assigned inside the pool before athletes line up for their start. Place the strap on you left ankle, DO NOT take off your ankle strap chip until you cross the finish line. These are not disposable chips and must be removed at the finish line and placed in the chip bucket. Find Yoda.

BIKE – ~1 mile

The bike course will be 2 laps around Chugiak H.S which provides a very spectator friendly course The course does have a small section of gravel road on the back half of the school but it's in pretty good shape so no real concerns. Riders should be a little more caution on the gravel section. Spectators are the biggest concerns safety wise so please be very aware when/if crossing any section of the course. We will do our best to provide dedicated areas to cross but just like you taught your kiddos, look both ways before crossing!


Key bike details:

  • Bike drop off begins race morning at 10:30 a.m. There is no drop off prior to that time or the day before.

  • All participants must wear an undamaged and unaltered helmet, which meets or exceeds the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and which is clearly labeled by the manufacturer as satisfying such standards.

  • Helmets must be worn whenever on the bike including when transporting bike to and from your vehicle from the event area. 

  • The chin-strap must be fastened at all times.

  • Obey all directions of volunteers and traffic officials. 

  • Do not get on your bike in the transition area. Walk/run your bike through the transition area to the “mount” line before getting on your bike.

  • When returning back to the transition area, get off of your bike at the “dismount” line before entering the transition area. 


RUN – ~.6 miles

The run course will be an out and back skirting the edge of the grass practice field just west of the stadium/track. There will be plenty of room for spectators just use caution when crossing the course where racers exit T2.


Key Run details:

  • Obey all directions of volunteers and traffic officials. 

  • You are responsible for knowing the run course. Any potentially confusing intersections will be marked.

  • Wear your bib on the front. Make sure your bib number is visible to the front when you cross the finish line. 

  • The timing chips are not disposable chips and must be left at the finish line and placed in the chip bucket. A volunteer will assist you in taking your timing chip off.

  • Once you complete your race hang out and enjoy some snacks on us!


There are two transition areas for the kids race this year T1 & T2. Bikes will be set up in T1 between 10:30 -11:50. After the swim the racers will enter T1 heading north, buckle their helmets, grab their bike and head out on the bike course. Once the racer has completed 2 laps of the bike course, they will enter into T2, drop their bike off and begin the run.

Key details:

  • T1 and T2 are not in the same place so please review the map before the race.

  • Transition set-up/bike drop-off begins race morning at 10:30 a.m. Once the race starts at noon everyone must be out of transition and all racers need to be inside/making their way to the pool area.

  • Only racers and ONE adult are allowed in the transition area during set up. 

  • Stay within your own space and do not intrude on others space.

  • Bikes will be allowed to be laid down or positioned upside down.


USAT Rules & Sanctioning


This is a USA Triathlon (USAT) sanctioned event. All USAT rules apply. Participation in a USAT sanctioned event means the event director has the proper permits in place, liability and athlete excess medical insurance coverage and the event plan has met the standard of organization required. USA Triathlon provides rules, guidance and governance to set the standard for safe and fair multi-sport races. 


For more information on USA Triathlon, race rules, and FAQs visit the USAT website at


It is every racer’s responsibility to know the rules, but we like to point out some key USAT rules and other things to remember:

  • No transferring bib numbers to another participant.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times while on your bike. This means before, during, and after the event (including when transporting bike to and from your vehicle.). Chinstraps must be fastened while on your bike.

  • All bicycle bar ends must be solidly plugged.

  • Drafting on the bike is not permitted. Keep at least three bike lengths of clear space between you and the cyclist in front. If you move into the zone, you must pass within 15 seconds. 

  • Adult participants (13 and over) shall not accept assistance of any kind (such as food, drink, equipment, pacing or bike handling) from any person except a race official. 

  • Adult participants must display their race number at all times. Racers are responsible for making sure the timers are aware of their number. Solo racers have different colored numbers than teams.

  • All personal equipment and belongings taken out onto the course must stay on the athlete the entire time

  • It is your responsibility to know the course and transition areas.

  • No headphones allowed while racing.

Race Rules


The event is timed by Fall Line Fitness Timing. 



We welcome spectators at the event. Please leave your dog friends at home. We know they are great cheerleaders, but a loose dog can quickly turn a racer's day south. 


Official race bib transfer policy: No participant may transfer his/her entry slot/bib number to another individual. If an individual is found to have raced under someone else's name or bib number, that person, and the originally assigned racer will be disqualified and risk being banned from future Eagle River Triathlon events. 


Name changes will be available for Teams at a charge of $10.00/person/change. There will be no name changes made on race day.

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