The ERT Kids Tri event is an untimed fun, safe event for kids ages 6-12 to experience the excitement of an actual triathlon.

Information below will be updated further for the virtual tri by May 12, 2020



  • Swim: 50 (1 lap) or 100 yards (2 laps)*

  • Bike: 2 miles

  • Run: 0.8 miles


* Racers may choose at the start of their swim (or in the middle of it) to swim 1 or two laps. We want every kid to experience the joy of crossing that finish line and receiving their medal, and recognize that some swimmers may be more comfortable with 1 lap versus 2. 


The kids event starts after the last Individual racer has completed their swim and has left the transition area on their bike. While we strive to start on time and according to the schedule, it depends greatly on how the swim portion of the individual adult race goes. We anticipate a 2:30 p.m. start and ask all kids to be on deck at 1:45 p.m. We realize it's tough for kids to sit around and wait. There are pre-race activities planned to keep the kids entertained and active leading up to the race. Parents are encouraged to be prepared with snacks and appropriate clothing for the weather should the start time be delayed.


Noon - 1:30 p.m. Kid's bib pick-up and check-in (at the Chain Reaction Cycles tent by the kid’s transition area)

Noon - Kid’s transition opens

1:00 p.m. Kid's pre-race tri games (soccer field)

1:20 p.m. Parent meeting (Chain Reaction Cycles tent)

1:45 p.m. Kid's Tri racers on pool deck

2:30 p.m. Kid's Tri starts

3:45 p.m. All kid’s bikes must be picked up at T2 @ Birchwood Elementary School


Join Eagle River Triathlon, Chain Reaction Cycles, Healthy Futures and "Sporty" (the Sports Clips mascot) for some pre-kid's race fun. Check in at the tent near the kid's transition. Activities will include relays simulating transitions, warmup exercises and more. This is a great way for kids to warm up for their race and fill time while waiting for the race start.



The kid’s transition is located at the north end of the school past T1 and near the north/pool entrance to the school. If you have a stand for your child’s bike, please bring it. It is much easier for kids to find their bike if it is upright on a kickstand or in a bike stand. If the racer’s bike does not have a kickstand and you cannot find a stand to borrow or buy, simply have your racer lay their bike on the ground. (Hint: Front end out makes for a much faster transition!)




Kid’s tri racers will do a quick swim test before racing. The swim test consists of the racer jumping into the deep end of the pool, swimming across the short section, getting out of the pool, and going to the next available lane to start their swim. Most kids don't even realize they are being tested and think it's part of the actual race. There are lifeguards in the pool area and adult simmers in the water during the test. Parents, if your child is initially scared to get in the deep end, if you can please allow the life guard and key volunteers work with your child first. Often times they just need a friendly face to give them the confidence to jump in and grab the hand of the lifeguard or volunteer in the pool.


Kids may wear flotation devices, including life vests. 



TRANSITION AREA ONE (T1) - swim to bike 

Located at the north end of Chugiak High School, T1 is the transition from the swim to the bike. From the pool kids will exit through the pool door and turn right to proceed to T1. During the race this area will be very crowded; please stay out of the area unless you are assisting your racer. The fewer people in the area helps make for a less confusing experience for all racers.


Assisted & Non-Assisted Area 

One section of Transition 1 is for kids who need parental assistance (see signage), and the remainder of Transition 1 is for kids doing the race without parental assistance. Please help your racer set up in the correct transition area. 




Once in T1 racers will put on their helmet and walk their bike to the “mount” line. From there, kids will ride out of the Chugiak High School parking lot and onto the shoulder of S. Birchwood Loop Road. Cones will separate kids riding in the shoulder from traffic, but please remind your child to be aware of cars at all times. Kids will ride 1 mile from Chugiak High School to Birchtree Street, turn right, and continue to Birchwood Elementary School. At the entrance to the school flagging, cones, and volunteers will help guide kids to Transition 2, where they will leave their bike and begin the run.

  • No training wheels allowed.

  • All kids must wear a helmet any time they are on a bike (including riding bike to set up, during, or after racing).


TRANSITION AREA 2 (T2) - bike to run

Located in the lower parking lot at Birchwood Elementary School. This area will be accessible beginning at 1:00 pm. We suggest parents park at Birchwood Elementary (upper parking lot) and then walk your child over to Chugiak High School (trail between the schools is clearly marked and a short walk) to set up their bike in Transition 1. That way, your child’s bike will be near your vehicle at the end of their race. No vehicles will be allowed to move in or out of the parking areas around Chugiak High School during the KIDS TRI.


There will be volunteers in both transition areas to assist all children racers, so PLEASE, if your child is not in the “parent assist” section, stand back from the transition area to cheer on your racer (and others), take pictures, and enjoy the moment. The fewer obstacles racers have makes it all go more smoothly and safely.



The run will begin at the south end of Birchwood Elementary School, go on the dirt trail and around the west end of the soccer field, and continue on to Chugiak High School. There, kids will continue around the back side of the Chugiak High School, and finish under the arch at the finish area.



At the finish line, all racers will receive a participation medal. Parent's please note that the adult race is still in progress. Do not stand in the "bike in" portion of the adult course that is next to the finish line. Bikers are coming into this area rather fast. It is not safe for anyone to be on the bike course.



Kids may accept assistance from parents and other helpers to ensure the kids are safe, follow the right course, and have a good time. Parents may not ride side-by-side with their kids, and if they do join their kids on the course, they must not interfere with other racers, and must abide by all race rules. 

  • All parents who ride a bike with their kids must wear a helmet.

  • Absolutely no riding two abreast.

  • All kids and parents must stay to the right side of the white line.

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