Eagle River Triathlon
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Chugiak High School
16525 S Birchwood Loop, Chugiak, AK 99567



This is a USAT sanctioned event. All USAT rules apply. See www.usatriathlon.org USAT RULES AND FAQ’s:  In order to obtain event insurance & USAT sanctioning, the following policies must be posted: 
To maintain the integrity of the event timing, the combining of any leg from a solo participant with that of any team participants is not allowed. 
USA Triathlon sponsors this event, and participants must either be a member of USAT or purchase a one-day race license, calculated in the registration fee. 
No transferring bib numbers to another participant.
• Adult participants (13 and over) shall not accept assistance of any kind (such as food, drink, equipment, pacing or bike handling) from any person except a race official. If assistance knowingly occurs, up to and including disqualification may be deemed appropriate by the Race Director.
• Adult participants must display their race number at all times. Racers are responsible for making sure the timers are aware 
of their number. Solo racers have different colored numbers than teams.
• It is your responsibility to know the course and transition areas.
• No headphones allowed while racing.

ERT is a USAT Sanctioned Event. USA Triathlon is the national governing body for the sports of triathlon, duathlon, winter triathlon and aquathlon in the United States. Participation in a USAT sanctioned event means the event director has the proper permits in place, liability and athlete excess medical insurance coverage and the event plan has met the standard of 
organization required. USA Triathlon provides rules, guidance and governance to set the standard for safe and fair multi-sport 
races. For more information on USA Triathlon and fueling the multi-sport lifestyle, visit the USAT website at http://www.usatriathlon.org.

East Parking Lot (back lot) - closed! This lot is the lot immediately to the right of the main entrance. THERE WILL BE NO PARKING IN THIS LOT. THIS LOT WILL BE CLOSED TO ALL CARS ALL DAY. Only allowable activity is Kids Tri racers during their race. 

West Parking Lot (main parking lot) – From South Birchwood Loop Road, you may access the west lot by entering through the 2nd entrance to Chugiak High School. This entrance will share the "bike out" lane coming from the transition area. The driveway will be flagged to separate bikers and cars. There will be traffic control flaggers at both the top and the bottom of this entrance. IT IS ONE WAY TRAFFIC, so do not enter without permission from a traffic controller. This parking lot is available all day, but arriving and departing may be slow. Be patient! 

The West Parking Lot is expected to fill up, so when it does, follow the signs past the 2nd Chugiak High School entrance, continue 1 mile, and turn right on Birchtree Street. Birchwood Elementary is on the right at the end of the road. Overflow parking is in the elementary school lot. It is an easy walk on a pathway between Birchwood Elementary and Chugiak High.

Birchwood Elementary School - Both the upper lot and half of the lower lot will be available for parking. **Half of the lower lot is used for the Kids Tri transition area from bike to run (please do not park in the area that is flagged off for the Kids Tri). The lower lot will close completely for traffic in and out from approximately 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will reopen when the Kids Tri is over. Please observe these hours and do not try to leave for the safety of our kiddos.

If you are able to carpool, that would be GREAT!


Eagle River Triathlon could not happen without the support and hours that our volunteers give.  
 Racer volunteers are an important part of our efforts to put on a fun, safe event. Over 200 racers, family members, friends, and community members combined come out to volunteer each year. Last year, 60% of our volunteers were racers. Please consider sharing some of your time! 

All volunteers get a really cool embroidered hat! 

Click here to volunteer or contact Race Co-Director Kristin Folmar at volunteer@eaglerivertri.com.

• Please leave dogs and other pets at home.
• Label all of your gear with your name and/or race number.
• An awards ceremony will take place after the event near the finish area starting at approximately 4:00 pm, weather permitting.

• We will be using chip timing for this year’s event. There will be a timing device operated by timing personnel at each racer’s swim lane who will begin their swim. The timing mat at the door exiting the pool to the outside that will capture each racer’s end swim split and mark the beginning of each racer’s Transition 1 split. We will still use swim cards for recording splits, which will be used for back up purposes only.
• There will be a timing mat at the “bike out,” which will be the end of the Transition 1 split and the beginning of the bike split.
• Racers will dismount their bike at the conclusion of the bike and run over the same mat they did for their “bike out” to capture the bike split.
• The “run out” mat will capture the Transition 2 split and the start of the run split.
• The finish line will capture the end of the run split and overall time.

If a racer loses their timing chip between the swim and end of their event, there is no guarantee we will be able to capture split times. We will, however, be able to get a finish time.

  • There will be NO spectators or racers allowed to use the door to the pool where racers exit and enter into the transition area.
  • Spectators may use the door just South of the racer exit door (look for signage that reads, “Pool Spectator Entrance”), 
            which will lead to the balcony area overlooking the pool. Spectators may also use the main school entrance on the north side of the building             (closest to the Kids Tri corral). 
  • ALL racers must enter the pool from inside the school. To enter the pool, racers may use either the door which leads to the balcony area or the north main entrance and then through the locker rooms.

• Only two swimmers per lane at any time. 
• NO circle swimming.
• You will be sharing a lane with another swimmer; it's your responsibility to stay on your designated side of the lane. 
• You may not impede the progress of another swimmer
• Based on an average 10-minute swim time (500 yards or 10 laps/20 lengths) you may expect to go some time during the following times. Please be ready for your time, but be prepared if you're asked to go earlier or later.

• Bike drop off begins race morning at 6:00am. There is no drop off prior to that time.
• ALL riders must wear an ANSI or SNELL–approved helmet (with chin strap buckled) whenever on a bike, even during warm up (including when transporting bike to and from your vehicle.)
• Bike course consists of two out and back sections: one to the north of the high school and one to the south.
• Course maps may be found here.
• You are responsible for knowing the bike course. We will mark any potentially confusing intersections with traffic cones and signage.
• No drafting. You must stay at least 30’ behind the bike in front of you. When passing, move to the left when you get within 
30’ and pass safely.
• NO riding two abreast.
• You are solely responsible for ensuring your bike is in safe mechanical condition.
• Do not get on your bike in the transition area. Walk/run your bike through the transition area to the “mount” line before getting on your bike.
• When returning back to the transition area, get off of your bike at the “dismount” line before entering the transition area. 
• OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS! This is not a closed course. You will be sharing the road with traffic. Pay attention!
• There are no water stations along the bike course.
• There is one restroom at the north bike turn around
Set up of Bikes in T1 - see Transition Area below.

• All adult participants must run or walk the entire course. There will be volunteers and signage to help direct you.
• Wear your bib in the front. Make sure your bib number is visible to the timers when you finish. 
• Run course exits out the west entrance of the high school, goes along the Birdwood Loop sidewalk, then turns left and goes on the multi-purpose trail along Glenn Highway. It is an out and back course. 
• There will be a water station at the turnaround.  
• There are no restrooms along the run course.

• Transition slots are numbered according to your bib number. Everyone has an assigned slot.
• T1 and T2 are the same “active” transition areas; we appreciate your help in keeping alert at all times when setting up and removing gear in this area. 
• Only racers are allowed in the transition area. If you have fans, please ask them to view from outside the transition area. 
   See Transition Map for the best spectator viewing areas.
• Bike drop off begins morning of the race any time after 6:00 am. You may set up any time prior to your start time (even after the race has begun). 
   Please stay alert at all times while in the transition area as it will be active with racers coming in and out. Once you complete your race, 
   please use the designated exits for removing gear to prevent injury to other active racers in transition. 
• There are assigned spaces in the transition area. You are responsible for providing your own bike stand. There will NOT be bike hanging racks. Stay     within your own space and do not intrude on others space. If you are in need of a bike rack, please email an RD at info@eaglerivertri.com.
• You must use a bike stand. Kickstands are not allowed in transition;. They have not proven to be reliable.
• Solo racers must return their bike to their designated slot before starting the run. 
• Bikes are NOT allowed to be laid down.
• Only racers are allowed in the transition area. 
• Please do not loiter in the transition area and watch for racers still competing.

Team Check-in & Timing Chips: On deck at 7:45 am (see swim times above)
Team swimmers will start immediately after the top 24 seeded individuals. i.e. team bib #501 will follow bib #24.  
Team bikers will have their own slot inside the Transition area. All hand-offs will be done at your respective team member’s 
  bike slot.
•If one person does two events, the person must follow all the transition rules as if you were a solo team member.
• All Team members must follow the same swim, bike, and run rules outlined above as individual racers.
• Both the swimmer and biker will be given a chip at bib pick-up The runner will be given a bib with a b-tag (same as a timing chip). 
The b-tag is the reading device that captures your run split and finish time. If one person does two events, they will be wearing two separate ch

• There will be unofficial results at the finish area. Skinny Raven Events & Timing will have a tent set up with computers for racers to look up final times and race splits immediately following their finish. 
• Unofficial results will be posted on the eaglerivertri.com web site following the event.  
• All timing protests must be emailed to timing@skinnyraven.com by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, June 10th.  
• Official results will be posted on Thursday, June 11th.
• Awards will be presented at approximately 4:00 pm in the parking lot of Chugiak High School the day of the event, weather permitting.

• There will be a photographer along the course who will have photos available for purchase. 
• Links to the photos will be sent immediately following the event and posted at www.eaglerivertri.com.

Official race bib transfer policy: Due to increased litigation and higher insurance costs, no participant may transfer his/her entry slot/bib number to another individual. If an individual is found to have raced under someone else's name or bib number, that person will be disqualified and risk being banned from future Eagle River Triathlon events. Name changes will be available for Teams at a charge of $10.00/person/change.

Planning and developing an athletic event that ensures adequate support and supplies for participants is difficult. We rely on the registration information to provide us with an accurate participant count. Because this is vital to the success of our events, there will be no refunds once a registration has been processed

Looking forward to another great triathlon year!

Your Race Co-Directors,
Missy Roberts
Kristin Folmar 

These race rules are for individuals and teams.  Kids rules can be found on the kids page, or by clicking here.